A post after a long time- Back to College!!

Its been almost a week i posted something up on my blog. I haven’t yet got an internet connection at my room in college 🙁 hope the LAN in my block is restored at the earliest. I will now have to depend on college LAN which was not the case few days back. Yeah i am back to college for my 5th sem. Feels some what great to tell that one is in 3rd Year 🙂 I will, in a nutshell, write about a week at hostel after 3 months of comfortable stay at home. Starting from the day i left for college which was 11th July night- Had a tough time reaching the bus stand carrying loads of luggage. By the time i reached bus stand my arms had become “Rock Hard” and were “Shivering” – Thanks to the tonne heavy Suitcase which i carried all the way from main Road into the Bus station. I was drenched in sweat as if i had a bath and came out running directly to the bus stand. Fortunately i met my friend at the stop, asked him to look after my luggage and went to see if my bus had come and to my bad luck it was delayed by Half an hour. The bus left at 10:30 PM which was scheduled to leave at 10:00 PM. Traveling in Airavatha is a “bliss” 🙂

I reached college on Saturday morning after a great journey- which has become usual- say i have traveled some 16 times to and fro college. 😉  I was expecting a terrible first day- Paying Fees, Bad Climate, all in all no room to stay :(. But then there were many of my friends in same situation so we all got together and finished all the formalities, got the room opened, got it cleaned and by 3:00 in the afternoon all was set- Set to start a long journey of 2 semesters- The most important year @ Engineering ;).

Information Technology(IT) students are famous for not having much classes. But then this sem we have a packed time table. Anyways first week is going to be almost free as the labs haven’t yet started. This week has been mostly getting adjusted to the climate and getting used to walking long distances. At home i hardly, to be specific never walk- thanks to “Honda Activa”. And the climate here is terrible- Hot and Humid- Balanced mixture of both driving us crazy ;).

And at home is was 24*7 online- Reliance Broadband connection– But here i need to go scavenging for LAN connections cause only some rooms are gettin connected to internet- Lucky guys 🙂 So blog posting will become a bit irregular until the connection is restored. I had been addicted to internet- Like always blogging, searching, mailing. But here i have learnt to live without internet. 🙂 Blogging is what i enjoy the most- Its because i enjoy writing- Though i dont write that well- I tend to be humorous at times 😉

At our college- If we give a complaint today they will process it after a week- And it will be corrected after another week. Its really sad that the work is not done in time. And i have been telling the person incharge to get a chair for my room- He agrees everytime and doesnot get the chair. They dont understand how difficult it is to manage with one chair in a room of two. And during the admission time we blindly sign that we have got all the furnitures correctly- When we open the room- Most of the times the furniture is in a bad condition or either chair or table will be missing or the book rack will be lying on the ground- which actually must be hanging somewhere on the wall.

I will come up with some interesting posts in the coming days- Posts will mostly revolve around NITK.

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