Working with LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime

Java 8 had a major change for the date and time APIs, which was the inclusion of Joda Time APIs into JDK under the JSR 310: Date and Time API. This JSR was lead by Stephen Colebourne, the creator of Joda Time. There are many amazing APIs to work with date and time. In this … Read more

Getting to know about java.nio.file.Path – 2

In Part 1 of this, we looked at most of the APIs in the java.nio.file.Path class. In this article, we will look at the remaining APIs. Using register() This API allows us to register an implementation of java.nio.file.WatchService interface which will listen for events like directory creation, modification, and deletion. And it intimates the listeners … Read more

A stupid Mistake

the above mistake cost me close to 1 hour. Can you spot the mistake? I tried all these possibilities: model.put(“validation_success”,1); model.put(“validation_success”,true); model.put(“validation_success”,”true”); and then realized my stupid mistake. I have installed sonar plugin, it suggested me to “Extract this nested code block into a method”. I thought it was suggesting me to extract the nested if … Read more

Command to find files from windows command prompt

So if you want to find files with a given extension in windows, this is how you would do: where, /r says recursively search and match for files with given pattern, and the argument after /r says to start from current directory If you want to get more information use where/? which is the way … Read more

Very useful Console Window for windows

ConEmu ( is a very useful and much much better Console window for Windows. It acts as a facade over the cmd.exe. There are loads of good things in it and highly recommended for programmers who are windows users. If you have installed Cygwin, you can integrate bash with your ComEmu terminal so that you … Read more

Sessions looking forward to at Great Indian Developer Summit-2012`

After a few good sessions at Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS)-2011, I look forward to another great 3 days at the GIDS-2012. I thought of listing out the talks I have planned to attend at the conference.  GIDS.Web Track 1. HTML5 in your pocket: Application cache and Local storage by Scott Davis.  I havent used … Read more

Useful Audio Podcasts for Software developers

I have been listening to few technical podcasts for software developers and thought of sharing them for the benefit of the readers. Software Engineering Radio: Very useful podcast for software developers. There are about 186 episodes as of writing this post. The frequency of new podcasts is pretty less, but there are lot of good … Read more

Are you running 10kms for the first time?

I always say this: “Running 10K is easier said than done”, this can be compared with “Test Driven Development(TDD) is easier said than done”. The reason I say this is that both Running and TDD can be mastered by dedication and rigourous practice. That said, let me share my experiences of running 10K for the … Read more

Learning in a Result Oriented Software Development environment

This article is being written in context of Software development, but should be applicable to all areas where ever there is human involvement. Looking at the current scenario, all of us are becoming more result oriented. And in the process giving less importance to the learning. Its not our fault, but its due to the … Read more

Transition from Feature phones to smart phones driven by the Internet

The mobile industry is under a revolution from the all classy N series to the affordable, power packed android smartphones and not to forget the iPhones. Travelling back in time, 4 years ago a smartphone was not an affordable commodity for the common man. Feature phones were all around, people were happy using them. The … Read more