Lanmap – Network discovery tool

Lanmap Listens to all available traffic on the interface of your choice, figures out who’s talking to who, how much, using which protocols.This information is then put into a nice human-readable 2d image (various formats are available) which can be used to understand a network’s topology.

Install lanmap in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install lanmap

This will complete the installation

Using lanmap

lanmap syntax

lanmap [-o directory] [-e program] [-T {png,gif,svg}] [-f filtetr] [-D {#,all,raw}] [-r seconds]

[-i {?,*wildcard*,iface}] [-h] [-v] [-V]

lanmap example

lanmap -i eth0 -r 30 -T png -o /tmp/

This will create a lanmap.png file under tmp folder

lanmap available options

-o directory – The directory in which to save the generated images. Default is the current directory.

-e program – The program to use to generate images. Default is twopi.

-T {png,gif,svg} – Output image format. Default is png.

-f filter – Traffic filter, in libpcap syntax.

-D {#,all,raw} – Debug mode; lots of output, use with caution. #: payload bytes to dump (default: 0)

-r seconds – Set the time interval between 2 consecutive graph generations. Default is 60 seconds.

-i {?,*wildcard*,iface} – Interface to use: ?: list all devices and exit *3Com*: use the first NIC with

“3Com” in it

-V – Version info.

-vv – Verbose mode, up to 3 levels (-vv, -vv09:21 29/11/2007v).

-h – Help message.

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