Google Places API notes

<lat>12.9715987</lat> <lng>77.5945627</lng> Places Api key- AIzaSyAgYZVjw15TQWGxAMFv0ayA8OlAtVFkyx0 Obtaining the Geocode. Obtaining the places list. Obtaining the place details. URL For Geocoding. URL For Place.  

Google Unstoppable!!!!!- GMail with Voice and Video Chat

Ever thought how to use Webcam on u’r laptop or desktop? If it would have been a high resolution on then no problem, otherwise with low resoulution u cannot even think of clicking pictures 😉 Those using GMail almost through out the day might have sensed the need to integrate their Text chat with the … Read more

Google Suggest Finally out of Google Labs

Have u ever been confused finding the right words to search for?? There are many occasionsGoogle Suggest where one gets confused or doesn’t remember the complete word or search term. Gone are these days now. Google has finally implemented Google Suggest, its auto-complete for searches on its homepage at The service allows users to see the most commonly searched phrases after entering only a few letters, helping users cut back on typing time and check for spelling errors.

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Auto Add contacts in GMail scrapped

Recently i had started editing all my email contacts- reason? Thanks to the auto add feature of Gmail which would automatically add the email ids of the sent mail and also from Orkut account directly to the Contacts list. Now they have scraped the concept of Auto addition and but in the updated version of … Read more

Google Code University

I found this website really resourceful. It is full of University resources powered by Google search. I could Google Codefind loads of links from here. From now on i will search here for any information on computer science related topics before going to Google or any other Search. I have copied the content they had given on their Homepage about the Site (Don’t curse me for that 😉 ):

This website provides tutorials and sample course content so CS students and educators can learn more about current computing technologies and paradigms. In particular, this content is Creative Commons licensed which makes it easy for CS educators to use in their own classes.

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