Creating Bootpag Like Pagination Component Using Vuejs

Introduction In this article, I will try to create a pagination Vuejs component similar to the one supported by jQuery Bootpag plugin. Component State The component should track the following: Current Page Callback to be executed page click Max visible page numbers Start and end of the range of page numbers visible Component Event Handlers … Read more

Creating Simple Component in Vuejs

Introduction In this article, we will look at creating a very simple component in Vuejs. Let me pick the example from my previous post and create a component for showing the loading message. Vuejs Component There are two ways to create Vuejs component Single file component (.vue file) – this contains the component HTML template, … Read more

Moving From Mustache.js and jQuery to Vuejs for Client Side View Management Reactively

Introduction A month ago I wrote a post on using Mustache.js for client-side templating. I am pretty excited about the way we use Mustache.js, jQuery Ajax Client to build views. Its simple and does the work for us. But? it’s not reactive!, we manage a lot of DOM manipulation which can often lead to a … Read more

Using Mustache.js for Client-Side Templating

Introduction In this article, I will show you how to make use of Mustache.js for client-side templating. In this approach, we get the JSON data from an API, developed by you or a 3rd party API and build the HTML required for rendering the data at the client side. We will make use of GitHub … Read more