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Book Review: Test Driven Development by Example, Kent Beck

Test Driven Development by Example authored by Kent Beck covers the following:

Some of the per-requisites for this book which I thought will help in easy reading of the book:

Salient features of the book:

I couldn’t manage to digest the contents of the 2nd section which deals with the creating of a testing framework called xUnit. But one can skim through those chapters and then get back to do a detailed study as and when required.So if you are planning to read the book, section-1 and section-3 should be good enough.

If you want to get started on Test Driven Development (TDD), this is the best book to buy. And I highly recommend this book. Good news for Indian readers is that Low Price Edition is available.

And I read this book after I tried out my hand at TDD which I have blogged here. In short I read the book in a span of 2 days.

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