Children- How important are they for the World?

One hundred years from now,
It will not matter,
What kind of car I drove,

What kind of house I lived in,
How much I had in my bank,
Nor what my clothes looked like.

One hundred years from now,
It will not matter,
What kind of school I attended,
What kind of typewriter I used,
How large or small my church.

But the world may be. . .
A little better because. . .
I was important in the life of a child.

~Author Unknown.

Children are the ones who are very vital for deciding how the world is gonna be after some years. So if one can do some good in the life of a child then there can be change, atleast a slightest change, in the world to come. And if most of them think on same lines then we can hope of a better future ahead. The main component which decides how the person is going to be in the future or the present is the amount of education he/she has within them. Education has to be aimed at the overall development of child. Rural areas have been major victim of lack of educational facilities, thats where most of the children are deprived of even the basic education. And coming to the urban life its totally insane. Children are a means of cheap labor who rarely speak against their masters. There were many drives which were aimed at preventing Child Labor, but if the child itself is willing to work or the parents are not ready to take their child back, then nothing can be effective or nothing will work. The only way to do it is toΒ  change the education system for such children. Let them have a separate educational system where they are given Vocational Training in parallel with the Basic Education. The training will help them earn their livelihood in the future and also education. And there must be a certain age limit after which the person/Child will be allowed to carry on his/her independent work in the area in which he/she has been trained, until then he/she will have to be under the scrutiny of the Institute providing training.

I feel education is the missing link everywhere. Lack of basic education has been an hindrance to many and at most occasions uneducated people get cheated easily. There should be some cash based incentive for the children education. So planning of buying car even though already have one, of having number of houses- one in each area or of buying thing which you already have/are not in need of? Then do think before doing it. Read the lines above- It might have an impact.

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  1. The poem is so meaningful. πŸ™‚




  3. this poem is really good i mite have to take this and this is part of my work lol very good who ever done this πŸ™‚ x


  4. using this for my project


  5. it is very nice and it talks about reality


    • I really agree with ‘NATALIE and SUNANDA etc.

      this poem is really useful in many ways
      in short it guides us
      hats off to the writer of poem and also the content writers


  6. this is the effective means to change the mind of eople


  7. Nice article it is ‘ . , as how the author’s idea imagined and formulate it. . Good job meN’! .n_n.


  8. That poem was really nice ,true and touching I hope my dad sees this.😒😭


  9. Oh! Very useful indeed…was wondering on how to do my homework about children’s importance to the world.


  10. It was soooo useful for my speech and the poem touched my heart ❀ Thank you so much 😊😊


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