Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air

When breath becomes air is a book by Paul Kalanithi about his life, experiences, and his ordeal with a terminal illness. The book is very emotional, especially the Epilogue written by his wife. Tears flowed through my eyes and this makes more sense for someone who has in their life encountered life-threatening diseases or gone through an illness that turned their and their family’s lives upside down.

The book has three parts.

The first part deals with Author’s life during his undergrad and his medical studies and his life as a resident doctor.

The second part deals with his experiences when he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and how it shattered all his dreams and his future plans.

And the third part was penned by his wife after the author’s death wherein she describes the last few weeks of the author’s life and how he would hold their newborn daughter, how all the author’s brothers and parents would spend their time together during the author’s last few weeks.

The third part is the most emotional part of the book. The author’s wife has vividly described the scenes at the hospital in the ICU, in the wards how the place where he was working as a doctor is now being treated as a patient. The author’s wife has so beautifully put down her feelings which for sure will make anyone cry.

If you are the kind of person who likes to read about others’ experiences and how they faced their life and how such incidents changed their course of life and you yourself have faced with an illness then this book is a good read. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the book.

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