Working with LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime

Java 8 had a major change for the date and time APIs, which was the inclusion of Joda Time APIs into JDK under the JSR 310: Date and Time API. This JSR was lead by Stephen Colebourne, the creator of Joda Time. There are many amazing APIs to work with date and time. In this … Read more

Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs in JDK 11

JEP 330 – Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs is one of the exciting features in the upcoming JDK 11(18.9) release. This feature allows executing your java source code directly using the java interpreter. The source code is compiled in memory and then executed by the interpreter. The limitation is that all the classes have to be … Read more

API Updates in Java SE 11 (18.9)

Java SE 11, which is also named as 18.9 (based on the new naming scheme which uses the year and month of release), is slated to be GA during the last week of September. The new approach for releasing new JDK version frequently is allowing the language creators to introduce new features, API updates more … Read more

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