Getting to know about java.nio.file.Path – 2

In Part 1 of this, we looked at most of the APIs in the java.nio.file.Path class. In this article, we will look at the remaining APIs. Using register() This API allows us to register an implementation of java.nio.file.WatchService interface which will listen for events like directory creation, modification, and deletion. And it intimates the listeners … Read more

Getting to know about java.nio.file.Path – 1

Introduction The last few released of Java namely Java 7, Java 8 and the upcoming Java 9 have quite a lot of features which makes the life of Java developers easier. (I know Java 9 will make it tougher, but only while you adopt the new paradigm. After that it’s going to be much better). … Read more

Various API and language enhancements as part of Java 7

I believe most of the Java Developers are aware of the latest Java release i.e Java 7. Lot of us are disappointed about quite a few important features being deferred to Java 8, but its really good to see the language evolving and lot of things happening in the Java community. You must have seen … Read more

Overview of the Java sessions at the Great Indian Dev Summit-2012

There was a lot to learn at the Java sessions of the GIDS 2012 with topics covering Java 7, Java 8, Concurrency in Java using STM model, Java EE 7 and its various JSRs, Scala, JavaScript among other topics. And not to forget a beautiful key note by Venkat Subramaniam about the need for developers … Read more

Java 7 Project Coin: try-with-resources explained with examples

Prior to “try-with-resources” (before Java 7) while dealing with SQL Statement or ResultSet or Connection objects or other IO objects one had to explicitly close the resource. So one would write something like-

  //Create a resource- R
}catch(SomeException e){
  //Hanlde the exception
  //if resource R is not null then
    //close the resource
  catch(SomeOtherException ex){

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