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Developing a sample Todo desktop application using JavaFX and MongoDB

I wanted to explore learning to use MongoDB with Java and the best way to do this was to develop a toy application. And to add to this, I thought of using JavaFX and building a desktop application instead. I am building the application as I am writing this. I will upload the code onto Github once I am done with the application.

I am writing a 2 or 3 part series of posts on how to go about building the application. So do check out the detailed posts here. Just to clarify, I have started to write a few technical how-tos or my tryst with technologies on JavaBeat. So if you find this blog not being updated more often, you can find me at the other place. I would continue to update this blog with my experiences (so apt the title of the blog is ;))

Here’s an update on the TodoFX application:


Sample application using JavaFX 2.0 beta and the after thoughts

This sample uses- TabPane, GridView and Bindings in javafx 2.0.

I had quite sometime back played around with JavaFX and had good and bad experiences using the language. With the JavaFX 2.0 beta being released I thought of giving it a try. Here I developed a simple Geocoding application which will take the address and provide the latitude-longitude values for that location- using Google Geocoding API. Continue reading

My JavaFX Application

Was going thru the JavaFX 1.2 API and found a lot of new features some of them are: New JavaFX Controls, New Layouts, Charting API, Local Data Storage among others. I was impressed by few samples which i saw here and here. So i thought of exploring the New JavaFX Controls and created a sample application.

Screenshot of the application:

Run the JNLP file here.

Download the source code here.

Will try out the Chart API as well!!!!

JavaFX Important Links


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Code Samples:

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