Very useful Console Window for windows

ConEmu ( is a very useful and much much better Console window for Windows. It acts as a facade over the cmd.exe. There are loads of good things in it and highly recommended for programmers who are windows users.

If you have installed Cygwin, you can integrate bash with your ComEmu terminal so that you can open a new tab running your bash shell :). On similar lines you can open new tabs running Git shell if you have installed git-shell.

To integrate Cygwin bash –
1. Open the setting – Windows + Alt + P
2. Select Startup -> Tasks
3. Click on “+” to add a new task
4. Name it as “Cygwin bash” or “cygwin” which ever is comfortable.
5. In the commands text area paste this: “%SystemDrive%cygwin64binbash.exe” –login -i
6. Save and exit the settings.

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