My First book Java 9 Cookbook, Packt Publications – Over 100 Java recipes covered


Packt Publications recently published Java 9 Cookbook co-authored by me along with my co-author, a seasoned developer, Nick Samoylov. Yes!! This is my first publication and hopefully first of much more to come.

We have tried to cover as many recipes as possible covering new features in Java 9 namely:

  • Module System and tools around it
  • Techniques for migration of non-modular applications: Bottom Up and Top Down techniques
  • Functional programming practices
  • OO programming practices
  • Working with Streams and collections
  • Working with DB using plain JDBC
  • New Flow API and other concurrency models
  • Better management of OS processes covering updates to Process API
  • jShell – REPL tool
  • HTTP Client introduced in incubator modules
  • GUI programming using JavaFX
  • Creating RESTful Web Services using Spring Boot
  • Memory management – understanding the new G1 collector
  • Scripting using Nashorn – covers the new ECMAScript 6 features supported by Nashorn
  • And finally, Testing which covers Unit testing and Behavioral testing.

Each of the recipes is designed in such a way that they can be executed independently, you can just jump into any recipe you like and try it out.

Your honest reviews are all that I need!!! Please do read and leave your reviews on Amazon!!

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