Moving From Mustache.js and jQuery to Vuejs for Client Side View Management Reactively

Introduction A month ago I wrote a post on using Mustache.js for client-side templating. I am pretty excited about the way we use Mustache.js, jQuery Ajax Client to build views. Its simple and does the work for us. But? it’s… Read More ›

WebUI Popover – Useful wrapper over Bootstrap Popover

Github Project page: WebUI Popover. Some of the examples: To create a closeable popover: $(“#popover-elem”).webuiPopover({ content: “Closeable content”, title: “Closeable”, closeable:true }); To create a non-dismissable popover: $(“#popover-elem”).webuiPopover({ content: “Non dismissible content”, title: “Non dismissible”, dismissible: false }); Handling popover… Read More ›

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