Moving From Mustache.js and jQuery to Vuejs for Client Side View Management Reactively

Introduction A month ago I wrote a post on using Mustache.js for client-side templating. I am pretty excited about the way we use Mustache.js, jQuery Ajax Client to build views. Its simple and does the work for us. But? it’s not reactive!, we manage a lot of DOM manipulation which can often lead to a … Read more

Using Mustache.js for Client-Side Templating

Introduction In this article, I will show you how to make use of Mustache.js for client-side templating. In this approach, we get the JSON data from an API, developed by you or a 3rd party API and build the HTML required for rendering the data at the client side. We will make use of GitHub … Read more

WebUI Popover – Useful wrapper over Bootstrap Popover

Github Project page: WebUI Popover. Some of the examples: To create a closeable popover: $(“#popover-elem”).webuiPopover({ content: “Closeable content”, title: “Closeable”, closeable:true }); To create a non-dismissable popover: $(“#popover-elem”).webuiPopover({ content: “Non dismissible content”, title: “Non dismissible”, dismissible: false }); Handling popover events $(‘#popover-elem’).on(‘shown.webui.popover’, function () { console.log(“Shown event!!!”); }); Few more examples can be found in … Read more

Getting started with JSON-P

I have during my college days used XMLHttpRequest object and its equivalent in Microsoft world to make Ajax calls and those Ajax calls were to the URL within the same domain. But with the advent of Webservices and whole lot of mashups being developed, Ajax calls are not restricted to same domain but the cut acorss different domains. When this cutting across domain boundaries happens making Ajax calls using XMLHttpRequest fails due to security enforcements implemened by the browsers. That’s when the idea of JSON-P i.e JSON with Padding came up.

In this post I will quote from different sources about JSONP and then go ahead and implement example which invokes Stackoverflow API to retrieve the unanswered questions tagged ‘jsonp’

  1. What is JSONP?
  2. Simple example for JSONP
  3. Accessing Stackoverflow API using JSONP

Read more

Birds Eyeview of Web track at the GIDS 2012

The main focus of the day was the emergence or in otherwords out growth of mobile devices over desktop/laptop in the Q4 of 2010. And also the importance of making the applications mobile compatible. With the advent of HTML5 and lot of browsers including mobile browsers providing support for these features, it gives much more … Read more

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