Highlights at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2012

Here are the highlights of the Great Indian Developer Summit 2012: More focus on HTML5, shift in the notion of Javascript as a merely client side programming language. Mobile platform getting a greater share of developer attention and companies like RIM (Blackberry), Microsoft, Nokia, Google going a step ahead to build developer communities. RIM lured … Read more

Overview of the Java sessions at the Great Indian Dev Summit-2012

There was a lot to learn at the Java sessions of the GIDS 2012 with topics covering Java 7, Java 8, Concurrency in Java using STM model, Java EE 7 and its various JSRs, Scala, JavaScript among other topics. And not to forget a beautiful key note by Venkat Subramaniam about the need for developers … Read more

Birds Eyeview of Web track at the GIDS 2012

The main focus of the day was the emergence or in otherwords out growth of mobile devices over desktop/laptop in the Q4 of 2010. And also the importance of making the applications mobile compatible. With the advent of HTML5 and lot of browsers including mobile browsers providing support for these features, it gives much more … Read more

Web conferences at Great Indian Developer Summit 2011

My first day at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2011 was the Web conferences where in major presentations I attended were all about HTML5, RDFa, Microformats, jQuery and JavaScript. There was a PlayBook related key-note, the sad part of that key-note was that though the speaker had the PlayBook in his hand he didnt bother to show it to the audience. I have briefly listed the topics covered in the sessions I attended.

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Sessions looking forward to at GIDS-2011

This is the 4th time I would be attending Great Indian Developer Summit- GIDS and for the information- have attended it all the times since its inception. So does that become a kind of record? 😛 GIDS-2008, GIDS-2009 and then GIDS-2010 (Wasnt able to blog about 2010 as I was busy with other works and … Read more

Workshops @ The Great Indian Developer Summit-2009

Great Indian Developer Summit- 2009, Day-4. GIDS.Workshops:

DSL workshop by Venkat
DSL workshop by Venkat

This was the last day of the Great Indian Developer Summit-2009. There were 15 workshops running in parallel at 4 different halls. Workshops covered areas like JRuby, DSLs, Silverlight, Oslo, .Net, Hibernate, Adone Flash platform, COBOL among others. The first workshop I attended was “Developing external DSLs in Java” and was taken by Venkat Subramaniam who is regarded as the languages geek. He spoke about the need for Domain Specific Languages(DSL), different types of DSLs which include Internal DSL and External DSL. He told that internal DSLs can be created by using languages like Groovy, Ruby among others and External DSLs can be created using languages with higher parsing abilities like Java, C++, C#. Internal DSLs are also called as embedded DSL. He aslo threw some light on EasyB which is basically a behavior oriented design tool. He spoke at lenght on how to use Java to create external DSL using xText and Eclipse. He later gave a demo on using xText and created a game DSL. Sadly i couldn’t work it out on my comp as I did not have xText plugin installed in Eclipse.

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The Great Indian Developer Summit-2009, My Day-2, GIDS.Java

Ola Bina during JRuby talk
Ola Bina during JRuby talk

I started off pretty late for my Day-2 (summit’s Day-3) at the summit, courtesy- extended sleeping 😀 😀 But I somehow managed to not miss much of the first session. The first session I attended today was “Introduction to JRuby” which was delivered by Ola Bini. He spoke about Ruby and its features like Blocks, Modules, Mixins among others. He then spoke about JRuby and how it eliminates the pain of using Java and leverages on the ease of Ruby. JRuby is basically Ruby running on JVM. This was developed keeping in mind the old legacy JavaEE based applications.

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Great Indian Developer Summit-2009, My Day-1

I had attended the Great Indian Developer Summit 2008 which was held from May 19-25. I got a pass using which i attended Bleeding edge .NET and RichWeb though i had very very less experience on .NET. It was truly an amazing experience. And now here I am in Great Indian Developer Summit 2009. But this time i had to fund the expenses myself. I chose to attend RichWeb, Daring java and the Workshop sessions. Unlike last year each technology was covered only for a day and also the cost of registration decreased. The day’s proceeding were to start at 10:00 which included the registration, Welcome key note among others. Incidentally it happened to be poll time for B’loreans and after i finished my mandatory work of voting i rushed to the Auditorium in IISc where the summit was to be held.

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The GIDS-2008- Day 3

I made it to the Day-3 of the GDIS-2008 and hopefully my last day at the summit. Pretty sad that i cannot attend the Daring Java Conference. Coming to the Day-3 we started off with some problems in the registrations. The Day-3 started with a key note by Father of Ajax Jesse James Garrett. The … Read more

The GIDS-2008- Day 2

GIDS- Great Indian Developer Summit 🙂

It was a great day at the GIDS. I did attend a very few sessions today but none the less there were the most productive ones. The whole of the morning session was spent in the .NET Gotchas workshop. It was an interesting and productive session by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam. Some finer points on .net were dealt in the session. At the end of the session there was a small but easy quiz and he had three copies of the book “.NET GOTCHAS” authored by him as the prize. As the quiz was easy there were many answers and he randomly picked people and gave them the book. I was late to come for the workshop on Silverlight- a three hour workshop- which i was awaiting to attend but i couldn’t get a place for me and i heard the session for about half an hour standing at the door of the hall. This indicates the number of attendents. The hall was jam packed with people seated on the stairs in the hall. I couldn’t follow the talk as it was not audible. So i went out to get stamp from the stalls. We were given a booklet and were asked to get the stamps from all the stalls. It was aimed so that people could learn about the products of the companies at the Expo but anyone hardly listened to them. All those who visited the stalls did only one thing- get the stamp on the booklet. The personnel at the staff were tried stamping the booklets. Just a thought that came to my mind- Why don’t they automate the stamping proess.

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