Book Review: Peopleware

Peopleware is a must read for Managers who want to explore and learn about different managerial responsibilities and learn about what not to be done while executing those responsibilities. The content is presented with a touch of humour so you need not be surprised if you are found laughing while you are reading. The authors … Read more

Book Review: Head First HTML5 Programming by Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson published by O’Reilly Media

We all have enjoyed reading the Head First series of books and this book i.e Head First HTML5 Programming is no different. The authors Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson have kept the content in the book as much practical as possible which means that your are more of coding than reading. Not all the features … Read more

Book review: Fitness for Geeks

Fitness for Geeks is a book for gadget/app freaks who want to calculate and track each of their actions. This book is loaded with nutritional information which will take some time to settle into the brains of the geeks. You shouldn’t expect this book to show you different exercises for different muscle groups nor list … Read more

Book review: Core Java, Volume II–Advanc​ed Features (9th Edition) I always liked the approach Cay S. Horstmann takes in the examples in his Core Java books. He tries to follow good practices in all his examples which includes better naming convention, documentation and comments, identifying right classes. This book, Core Java Volume-2, is no different. You find examples which are in themselves mini … Read more

Book review: The Object-Oriented Thought Process

If you were to ask me a book to understand the Object oriented concepts in a practical way- I will surely recommend “The Object Oriented Thought process”. These are some of the good things I found: the author tries to be independent of the programming language while explaining the concepts. You can see few Java … Read more

Book review: Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

Who among us has never feared speaking in front of a crowd- no matter how large the crowd be? We all have felt the fear, few of us overcome the fear to emerge as great speakers and few of us under perform due to the fear and remain as mediocre speakers. Lot of us have … Read more

Book Review: Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide

Oracle Adf Real World Developer’s Guide is the latest book on ADF Framework developed by Oracle. ADF Framework provides declarative way to develop Java based Enterprise Applications. There are a few previous books on Oracle ADF which showed how to develop application declaratively and didn’t delve into details which an advanced programmer would like to know. Oracle … Read more

Book Review: Scala for the Impatient

The book covers almost all of the concepts in Scala in a very concise format. More emphasis on learning by doing. Lot of exercise problems at the end of each chapter. It is highly recommended to try them out. The concepts have been divided into varying difficultly levels and the chapters have been arranged so … Read more

Book Review: Clean Code by Robert Martin

Clean Code is all about the code already written, about the code you write and about the code to be written. If you are fan of Robert Martin’s books and his articles then you wouldn’t have missed this one. For those not aware of Robert Martin also popularly known as Uncle Bob you must read about … Read more

Book Review: Test Driven Development by Example, Kent Beck

Test Driven Development by Example authored by Kent Beck covers the following: Writing Unit test backed code, takes teeny-tiny steps towards adding new code. Creating a test framework for running the tests- again by using TDD. Patterns related to Test Driven development. Some of the per-requisites for this book which I thought will help in … Read more

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