DSL based approach to input Graph data in graph theory based java programs

Most of us have coded some programs which deal with graph theory algorithms like finding the shortest path between two vertices, finding the minimum spanning tree for a given graph and so on. In each of these algorithms the programatic way to represent the graph is to used either adjacency matrix or adjacency list. Both … Read more

Creating External DSLs using ANTLR and Java

In my previous post sometime back I had written about creating Internal DSLs in Java. In the book Domain Specific Languages by Martin Fowler, he discusses about another type of DSL called External DSLs in which the DSL is written in another language which is then parsed by the host language to populate the semantic … Read more

Creating Internal DSLs in Java, Java 8- Adopting Martin Fowler’s approach

Currently I am reading this wonderful book on DSLs- Domain Specific Languages by Martin Fowler. The buzz around the DSLs, around the languages which support creation of DSLs with ease, the use of DSLs made me curious to know and learn about this concept of DSLs. And the exprience with the book so far has … Read more

Workshops @ The Great Indian Developer Summit-2009

Great Indian Developer Summit- 2009, Day-4. GIDS.Workshops:

DSL workshop by Venkat
DSL workshop by Venkat

This was the last day of the Great Indian Developer Summit-2009. There were 15 workshops running in parallel at 4 different halls. Workshops covered areas like JRuby, DSLs, Silverlight, Oslo, .Net, Hibernate, Adone Flash platform, COBOL among others. The first workshop I attended was “Developing external DSLs in Java” and was taken by Venkat Subramaniam who is regarded as the languages geek. He spoke about the need for Domain Specific Languages(DSL), different types of DSLs which include Internal DSL and External DSL. He told that internal DSLs can be created by using languages like Groovy, Ruby among others and External DSLs can be created using languages with higher parsing abilities like Java, C++, C#. Internal DSLs are also called as embedded DSL. He aslo threw some light on EasyB which is basically a behavior oriented design tool. He spoke at lenght on how to use Java to create external DSL using xText and Eclipse. He later gave a demo on using xText and created a game DSL. Sadly i couldn’t work it out on my comp as I did not have xText plugin installed in Eclipse.

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