Sun Campus Ambassadors Induction Programme- Day 2

Continuing with my posts on Sun CA Induction Programme- All the curiosity had died down and the Sun CAenthu had faded away. This was best reflected in the fact that i reached for the 2nd Day- Some 15 minutes late 😉 But i was lucky that even Angad Singh- Tech Lead and his successor reached along with me. So i somehow got into the seminar hall. And luckily i did not miss much of Gary Serda’s session- He was speaking on the Sun CA programme- Giving some important inputs for the CAs. After that was the session on Java and its related fields like J2EE, J2ME and so on. The speaker gave an overview of how Java is doing in the current scenario. Later on Anup from Sun Microsystems spoke about the Sun Certifications. Actually i have an SCJP at the back of my mind. Hopefully will try it by the end of third year.

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Sun Campus Ambassadors Induction Programme- Day 1

I had been anxiously waiting for the Sun Campus Ambassador (CA) program- This was mainly for two Sun Logoreasons- One and the most important one was that i could get to stay for a week at home and the other was the curiosity about how the programme is going to be. As i mentioned earlier- I came home well b4 the CA Induction programme. But then i couldn’t relax much cause i had to prepare the Presentations for the Java Workshop which i had planned for (The wokshop got over and had a good number of audience). The CA Induction Programme was scheduled to be held from July 27 till July 29, 2008.

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Sun Campus Ambassador Programme, Sun CA Selection Process

Sun Microsystems has recently launched “Sun Campus Ambassador Programme“, an initiative to connect with Student Developers at colleges. Its into Third year now and has over 100 CAs all over India. The main work of the CAs is to evangelize Sun Technologies which are Open Source. Sun Microsystems has the largest share in the Open Source Market. Sun CAs help in connecting between the company and College/University. There are certain tasks which the CAs have to undertake as part of their programme, they will have to take up trainings, conduct Demos, Workshops, Events at their college. Also encourage Students to contribute to Sun Open Source Technologies.

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