Sun Campus Ambassador Programme, Sun CA Selection Process

Sun Microsystems has recently launched “Sun Campus Ambassador Programme“, an initiative to connect with Student Developers at colleges. Its into Third year now and has over 100 CAs all over India. The main work of the CAs is to evangelize Sun Technologies which are Open Source. Sun Microsystems has the largest share in the Open Source Market. Sun CAs help in connecting between the company and College/University. There are certain tasks which the CAs have to undertake as part of their programme, they will have to take up trainings, conduct Demos, Workshops, Events at their college. Also encourage Students to contribute to Sun Open Source Technologies.

From our college I have been selected as the Sun CA. Its a feel good factor. But the CA will know about the responsibility thats on him/her. I submitted my resume during April to my Senior CA and now Tech Lead Ashwin Bhat. I was super excited initially, which later died down when i came back home for the vacations. I was waiting for the Interview call and was informed that i would have Telephonic Interview on some Wednesday (Don’t remember the Date 🙁 ). i was waiting through the evening and didn’t get a call. I did not get call for a week or so. And i eventually forgot about the CA Interview and was busy with my Internships. But one fine evening my friend called me and told that his interview was over and was satisfactory. He told me that the person who took the interview wasn’t well on “some” Wednesday, the day i was supposed to get a call, so he couldn’t take my interview. After some time, to be specific, it was during the mid of the conversation that i got call from Rohan- the person who was to interview me. He asked me “When he could take my interview?”, i replied “Anytime”. So he Interviewed me the very next moment. Can anyone guess how long the interview was for? One and Half Hour Duration. People who heard about the duration were shocked. I was walking all over the house while speaking on phone- This gave me the required confidence and after all my zeal and interest had died down after such a long wait. I wasn’t that particular about it and due to this there was no tension on my mind that i had to clear the process.

I kept asking my senior when the results would be out and he had one answer – Before College Reopens 😉 I got a mail on June 20 that i have been shortlisted as Sun CA. And on July 3, I got a mail and offer letter 🙂 I attended the Induction programme held between July 27-29, 2008. Will write about it in coming posts.

I have scheduled the First Event as a CA on August 1,2 and 3, 2008. It will be a three day Java Programming Workshop. Will write about it as well.

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