My placement saga-2 @Goldman Sachs

The next company for which i got qualified to the interview round was Goldman Sachs. There was a long between DirectI and GoldmanSachs during which I appeared for few companies which i couldn’t clear the apti- I was not very good in C as I had stopped using it in the 3rd year itself cause of which I used to do real bad in C-AptisGoldman Sachs.Goldman Sachs recruitment procedure included- Apti, Group Activity, Technical Interview. Goldman Sachs(GS) increased their cut-off from 7.5 to 8 which gave me a real good chance to clear the apti. And their apti was not that difficult either. There were few simple C based questions and few quant questions and few question on Data Interpretation (which i did not attempt). This time I started off with the Technical Section as it takes less time to complete Technical than the Quant. I had lot of time to attempt the Quant section. GS also had coding test followed by an essay writing 😛 We were asked to write efficient code/algo for 2 questions they had given. One was- Deleting the characters from the source string based on the input for the characters to be deleted and the other was some crazy game which i did not even attempt. Then in the essay we were asked to write our 3 qualities and support them with certain examples. Actually we were given 7 minutes to write the essay but I wrote the essay when we were asked to write the code 😉 I had lots of time left during the coding session so instead of wasting it I wrote the essay as well 😀

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My placement saga-1, @DirectI

I have finally decided to document my Placement journey. May be for the use of aspirants but atleast for my record 😉 I will also try to list out the questions asked and the type of apti paper. I will be writing about those companies for which I qualified to the interview round.

The first company in the list is DirectI. Very few in the college knew that such a company existed I knew about the company as it had sponsored GIDS-2008. They were coming to the campus for the first timDirectIe and had uploaded huge information on the site regarding their selection procedure and interviews. Their recruitment site looked really resourceful and they were looking for people with really good coding and technical skills. I still remember their PPT which went on for more than an hour and half and i had to listen to the whole presentation standing and moreover is was terribly sick that day- running nose, fever :(. Their selection process was a bit different- No apti, 🙂 instead an online programming test 🙁 on their coding platform- CodeChef which they were badly promoting ;), then 2 rounds at the campus and some 9-10 rounds in their Mumbai Head office :P. Luckily they had to postpone the Coding test because by the time they completed their presentation it was 7PM and the Computer Center would be open only till 8PM. So they decided to come some other time for the coding test. I was happy that atleast i got sometime to recover and get well before the test.

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Sun Campus Ambassador Programme, Sun CA Selection Process

Sun Microsystems has recently launched “Sun Campus Ambassador Programme“, an initiative to connect with Student Developers at colleges. Its into Third year now and has over 100 CAs all over India. The main work of the CAs is to evangelize Sun Technologies which are Open Source. Sun Microsystems has the largest share in the Open Source Market. Sun CAs help in connecting between the company and College/University. There are certain tasks which the CAs have to undertake as part of their programme, they will have to take up trainings, conduct Demos, Workshops, Events at their college. Also encourage Students to contribute to Sun Open Source Technologies.

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