Interested in Open Source Java Projects?

As i was going through Amit Kumar Saha’s blog at Blogspot, I found a post on “Participating in Open source Java Projects“. Actually sometime back i had asked Ashwin on what i can probably do using Java and he had mentioned trying out . But this post has whole lot of resources for contributing to java Projects. A really detailed post, must read for Java programmers is what i say, especially those interested in Open Source Java Projects.

Excerpt from the post:

Java is a primary language for a huge number of Open-Source projects and is the driver of a large set of Open Source Java technologies, collectively forming the Open-Source Java community.

For Java developers who are looking to contribute to Open-Source projects, the choices are plenty ranging from widely used products such as NetBeans and Eclipse to smaller hobby projects which have been open-sourced by their developers. For those who are just getting their feet wet in Open-Source things can be overwhelming, if not difficult. My aim here is to show you some starting points which I have discovered in my very short period of being in Open-Source.

Read the Complete Post here.

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