Google Unstoppable!!!!!- GMail with Voice and Video Chat

Ever thought how to use Webcam on u’r laptop or desktop? If it would have been a high resolution on then no problem, otherwise with low resoulution u cannot even think of clicking pictures 😉 Those using GMailGmail almost through out the day might have sensed the need to integrate their Text chat with the “not of much use webcam” :(. Google has a solution for them- They have come up with Voice and Video Chat feature right inside Gmail 🙂 . Thats Cool!!! right? And the installation and Configuring hardly takes time and all this is FREE!!!!

From viewing videos on YouTube to screening family events, people love being able to watch something exactly as it happened. And as webcams have become popular, more and more of us are realizing that video is the next best thing to an in-person conversation. Today Google introduced Gmail voice and video chat, which lets you have free voice and video conversations right from within Gmail.

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