How To read RSS Feeds using Mozilla Thunderbird

I have been using Thunderbird for a long time and had been using it just to read the mails offline. But lately i have been into blogging and have seen so many RSS feeds but the only problem was i could not subscribe to them- I could have used Live Bookmarks facility in FireFox but thats not appealing. So i thought of switching to Thunderbird for the same. So with a brief overview on RSS feeds and Thunderbird i will show how to configure Thunderbird for receiving RSS Feeds.

What is RSS?

In simple term RSS is a Web content syndication format. Its name is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication.
Some sample RSS Feeds: Weblogs
Mozilla Blog

What is Thunderbird?
Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

Creating and Subscribing to RSS Feeds:

Creating an RSS News and Blogs account on Thunderbird

(Above) Adding a new Account in Thunderbird- File->New->Account…

(Above) Setting up new RSS News & Blogs account

(Above) Give a name for the Account

Subscribing to an RSS feed:
For this tutorial i will be subscribing to the Mozilla Blog (Link).

(Above) Specifying the Feed Link in the “Feed URL” box

(Above) Notice the feeds being downloaded into the EMail Client.

Some RSS Settings:

The following are the available settings:

  • Setting Frequency for Checking new posts
  • Enabling checking for new posts at start Up
  • Enabling showing of summary of the post instead of the complete html


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  1. Is it possible to read the thunderbird feed offline?

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  1. Membernews werden zum Blog « eBesucher.De Neuigkeiten

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