Sun Campus Ambassadors Induction Programme- Day 1

I had been anxiously waiting for the Sun Campus Ambassador (CA) program- This was mainly for two Sun Logoreasons- One and the most important one was that i could get to stay for a week at home and the other was the curiosity about how the programme is going to be. As i mentioned earlier- I came home well b4 the CA Induction programme. But then i couldn’t relax much cause i had to prepare the Presentations for the Java Workshop which i had planned for (The wokshop got over and had a good number of audience). The CA Induction Programme was scheduled to be held from July 27 till July 29, 2008.

The first day was a sunday, but then when i am at home everyday is a sunday ;), and we are asked to report to the venue by 9:00 AM. The venue was MSRIT, pretty close to my house. I usually either reach the venue on time or after time. I have been trying to be in time and have been successful on some occasions 🙂 Anyways i reached there by 9:00 and saw other CAs already present. I spoke with some of them and they were quite friendly. But then they were already getting along with each other- The reason being that they were all staying at same place during the Induction programm and this gave them ample amount of time for interaction.

The first day’s sessions mainly revolved around OpenSolaris and i couldn’t actually make much out of it- Mainly due to my poor knowledge on Operating Systems- And we will be studying it this semester- So hopefully by the end of this sem i will have some knowledge on Operating Systems. Actually through out the day there’s one thing at the back of my mind- Completing the Presentations for the Workshop. Also during the day we were given loads of NetBeans 6.0 DVDs and OpenSolaris StarterKits. We were also provided with printed material covering most of Sun OSS Technologies. We were provided with a Laptop Backpack which i later realised that it was a Laptop backpack and had cool features 🙂

It was a pretty long first day and i reached home by 8:00 and on the way also collected my Internship Certificate. In all it was a different Sunday- Getting to know different people and being introduced to some New Technologies.

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