Coming back to Ubuntu after a long break :) and the Ubuntu days :)

So I have finally decided to start using Ubuntu once again. Its been 7 months since I stopped using Ubuntu and switched to Windows and its since I left college. One of the reasons I started using Windows was that I was developing a Java ME app then (7 months back) and had everything configured on Windows, so there were less reasons to use Ubuntu. I did upgrade my Ubuntu to 10.04, but considering that this was originally installed long ago, I wanted to format and reinstall Ubuntu, which I would be doing in a day or two.

When I booted my computer into Ubuntu- First thing I noticed were the Sticky notes all around the desktop- Few were related to my Major project- ToDos, few related to my Technical Seminar links, few were just some reminders, email addresses. There have been lot of memories associated with Ubuntu- All of my final year of engineering- I used this. Primary reason behind the switch to Ubuntu in Final year was that- I could use any of my friend’s USB sticks without worry 😛 (And I would get lot of requests for transfer of data- Mainly ebooks, assignments, movies). But then I decided to implement my Major project (Java Analyser tool using JVMTI) and there was no looking back from then on. I didn’t have any problem in connecting, configuring my Reliance Broadband+ modem and then on browsing, downloading.  I had primarily setup my Ubuntu for development and had all the IDE’s, MySQL DB, Glassfish, Tomcat App servers installed. Also I had configured Prozilla- Command line Download manager for linux after searching a lot in the Internet.

Now that I am planning to format and reinstall Ubuntu 10.10- I would have to reinstall all of these packages. I would be writing about what all applications I have installed and how to go about installing them. Also I would be using Ubuntu for my office related work.

As I am writing this, I have Ubuntu 10.10 being downloaded in the background. Looking forward to another great time with Ubuntu 🙂

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