Sessions looking forward to at GIDS-2011

This is the 4th time I would be attending Great Indian Developer Summit- GIDS and for the information- have attended it all the times since its inception. So does that become a kind of record? 😛 GIDS-2008, GIDS-2009 and then GIDS-2010 (Wasnt able to blog about 2010 as I was busy with other works and wasn’t able to attend the sessions properly). As usual I have registered for the Java, Web and Workshop sessions of GIDS-2011 and looking forward for another exciting days of learning. So I thought why not list down the sessions I am looking forward to:

GIDS.Web Sessions:

GIDS.Java Sessions:

GIDS.Workshop Sessions:

Overall looks like an interesting GIDS 🙂 Stay tuned for more posts on GIDS-2011.

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